Download great new resources from The Freedom Center & learn how Planet can help you raise awareness of your pupils' heritage and culture.

Oceans Theme Small Teaser


Find ocean-themed lessons for a variety of subject areas, with resources covering the water cycle, marine life and the ocean floor.

Careers & Community Helpers Careers & Community

Introduce young students to roles in the community, or prepare advanced students for career choices using resources from this theme.



Pi Day is celebrated around the world, and we've created a theme to commemorate it with lots of new flipcharts and resource packs.

French theme 


Celebrate all things French with new resources for this theme, covering language, food, historical figures, events and much more.

Black HistoryBlack History

Find resources and ideas to teach your students about black history. Lesson topics include slavery, the Civil Rights Movement and more!

Calendars and Time

Calendars and Time

Find resources for teaching about how to tell time, working with daily calendars, and understanding Daylight Saving Time.

Road SafetyRoad Safety

Teach your class all about Road Safety with these fabulous range of resources produced exclusively by Texaco for Road Safety Week.

Halloween and Harvest this Autumn

Halloween Harvest

Welcome students to the autumn season with resources featuring pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts and spooky goblins!



Everyone loves games, and this theme is all about how to introduce some friendly competition, and a whole lot of fun, into your ActivClassroom!

Manga Shakespeare Manga Shakespeare

The Planet team and Manga Shakespeare bring you this exclusive theme on Romeo and Juliet, complete with manga resources.

Find out about Exploration and Trade

Exploration & Trade

Take your students on a voyage of discovery with resources and lesson creation ideas from our Exploration and Trade theme.

Inventions Inventors and Inventions

August is National Inventors Month! To celebrate, we've compiled some great resources to help you inspire our future inventors! Have fun!

China Theme Teaser Image China

Take advantage of the Summer Olympics in Beijing to explore China with your students using ideas from this huge collection of resources.

Plants Plants

Teach students about photosynthesis, transcription, plant growth and more with ideas and resources from our Plants theme.

Caring for Pets 

Caring for Pets

Learn about caring for pets and understanding their needs with this theme & new resources, timed to coincide with RSPCA Week.

Animals Theme 


Explore the wild side of Planet with this theme on animals, and download our latest resource pack on endangered and extinct animals.



Head down under with us to celebrate Australia! Find resources covering Australia Day, famous Australian citizens and more.

Art Theme - featured smallArt Resources

Find great resources and tips for teaching art, and download a free Starter Edition of ArtRage to complement your Activclassroom!

Religions of the World 

Religions of the World

Celebrate diversity on the Planet by teaching your students about faiths recognized in different parts of the world. 

Careers & Community Helpers Careers & Community

Introduce young students to roles in the community, or prepare advanced students for career choices using resources from this theme.

Political Science Political Science

The world will be watching as the United States names its next president. Get ready for government and politics in your Activclassroom!

Space Space

Get ready for resources and lesson tips that are out of this world! You'll find materials covering space travel, the solar system, and more!

Greece and Rome Theme Main Image Greece and Rome

Greece is the home of the Ancient Olympic Games. This theme pulls together resources for exploring Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

Mathematics Theme

Religious Education

Take your students on a journey to explore a Hindu Mandir with these great resources, learning about Hindu culture and religion on the way.



In this section you will find tips, flipcharts and resource packs for using the Activsoftware to create interactive maths lessons.

Learning the Alphabet Learning the Alphabet

If you're a primary teacher in a Pre-K or Kindergarten Activclassroom, you'll want the resources and ideas in this theme at the top of your list!

Back to school Back to School

Start the year off right with resources that include icebreakers, warmup activities, classroom management tips, and much more!

Writing and vocabularyWriting and Vocabulary

Encourage students to improve their writing by expanding their vocabularies. These resources will get students excited about words!

Music Music 

Bring the vibrancy of an orchestra to your lessons! Download free resources, and learn how to create interactive audio and video content.

Counting - Featured Theme Small


Celebrate the 100th Day of School with resources about numbers and counting, including basic counting, number lines, tally charts and more!

Literature themeLiterature

Explore concepts such as plot and characterization with resources from this theme, covering novels such as Lord of the Flies & Animal Farm.

Winter Holidays - Teaser SmallWinter Holidays

Feel the chill with these festive resources for the winter holidays and download some new resource packs of the French Alps.

Learn More about Native Americans Native Americans

Find resources and tips for teaching students about Native Americans. You'll also find Thanksgiving lessons for various subject areas!

Free teacher resources for special education needs lessons

Special Needs

Read our tips for using your Activclassroom to assist Special Education Needs students, and download some new resources.



Introduce your students to a Spanish Activclassroom with our compilation of videos, flipcharts, resource packs and a Spanish Teacher Feature.

Shakespeare Shakespeare

In this theme, you'll find resources that cover a wide range of Shakespeare's works, as well as discover tips on creating outstanding lessons!

ESL - English as a Second Language ESL

Find out all about how you can use the Activclassroom and Planet resources to teach English as a Second Language (ESL).

Colonial America Theme Teaser Image Colonial America

In honor of Independence Day, we've compiled resources and lesson ideas for teaching students about Colonial America. Enjoy!  

Working with Data - Front theme page teaserWorking with Data

Help your students learn how to collect and display data with resources covering tables and other data-related topics.  

Sports and the Olympics Sports and the Olympics

Celebrate the Olympic spirit in Beijing, China, by teaching students about the importance of health, nutrition, sports and fitness.

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