ActivBoard 300's & 500's qualify for ActivInspire Professional

If you have an ActivBoard 300 or 500 you qualify for a free upgrade to ActivInspire Professional, and you are only a couple of steps away from completing this upgrade.

ActivBoard 300 ActivBoard 500
ActivBoard 300 ActivBoard 500 Pro

To obtain your ActivInspire Professional Edition serial number you must input your hardware serial number and product code into the box at the bottom of this page.
Please note: each ActivBoard allows one ActivInspire Professional serial Key.

Serial validation

If you have an ActivBoard 300 or 500 you need to input your serial number and product code into the box to the left and click ‘Validate’.

This will validate your serial number and generate a new ActivInspire serial number allowing you to unlock all the features of ActivInspire Professional.

Having trouble locating your serial number and product code?

ActivBoard 300 and 500 users can locate their product code and serial number on a sticker on the sides of the board, between the pen holders.

Step 1 - Download & install software Step 2 - Select Professional or Personal Step 3 - Generate ActivInspire serial number from hardware serial (box below) Step 4 - Download & install ActivInspire Resource Pack


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