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Application Spec

File Size: 38.2MB (Win) / 47.2MB (Mac)

OS Support: Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7, Mac OSX 10.4-10.6 (Intel Only)

Please note these apps require an ActivBoard 500 and ActivDriver v5.7

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Promethean Applications

Promethean Applications provide new ways in which you can use interactive whiteboards with a range of rich applications.

Key features

  • Compatible with Activboard 500 Pro interactive whiteboard
  • Amazing handwriting recognition tool built into the applications
  • Pen and touch capability extends learning and collaboration opportunities
  • Develop brainstorming activities with NoteBoard to excite and challenge the class.
  • Create notes with images using TouchPad  which you can share with your students
  • One installer - both NoteBoard and TouchPad installed in one step.
Noteboard icon


NoteBoard is an excellent tool for creating notes and is a dedicated, simple and easy to use teacher led brain storming activity.

The notes can be linked / unlinked together and manipulated using touch. The notice board is limitless in size and has an intuitive touch interface for manipulating the view of the board and notes.

ActivExpressions can be used with the NoteBoard application, enabling users to interact and send text to the board. The ActivPen is used to write notes whilst your finger controls the menu.

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TouchPad is an endless, vertically scrolling note book for creating quick notes. Every time you open the application a dated bookmark is added to differentiate new notes from earlier ones.

Handwriting recognition makes the notes into legible memos. Images can be added to make the notes more illustrative and exciting. Simple gestures can be used to edit and delete existing items.

Separate tabs of notes can be created in TouchPad, useful for organising different topics or classes. The ActivPen is used to write notes whilst your finger controls the menu.



  • TouchPad

NoteBoard: Turns handwriting into text notes
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