Innovation in Education

K-12 Thought Leadership Webcast Series

Welcome to the Innovation in Education webcast series! Created through a partnership between Promethean and Cisco, this series features candid interviews with some of the top thought leaders in K-12 education.

Join us as we discuss educational practices and solutions that work, stimulate creative thinking, and sow a national discourse on transforming education to meet the needs of the 21st Century Learner.

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Research: ActivClassroom & Achievement

Marzano Research Laboratory 

Dr. Marzano's latest research, Evaluation Study of the Effects of Promethean ActivClassroom on Student Achievement, is now available for download.

Read the ground-breaking study and listen to a podcast reflection about the findings. 

Theory into Action: Learning Goals

Get started with learning goals 

Put theory into action with ideas and free page templates for establishing and communicating learning goals in your lessons!

In this section, you'll learn why learning goals are important, and how to implement them in your ActivClassroom lessons.

Dr. Robert Marzano 

Dr. Robert Marzano

Noted education researcher, author, and thought leader Dr. Robert Marzano joins us for a three-part series to discuss the interim findings from his landmark study, “Evaluation Study of the Effect of Promethean ActivClassroom on Student Achievement.”

In part one, Dr. Robert Marzano answers questions about his ground-breaking research, the role of action research in K12 education, and the “Meta Analysis” process for which he has gained such acclaim.

In part two, Dr. Marzano delves into his interim findings of the ActivClassroom study, including the factors that lead to even greater gains in student learning.

Dr. Marzano wraps up the series with a discussion on the implications of his research, the next phase of the study, and how schools and school districts may take part in this landmark research effort.

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