"There's no money in poetry, but then there's no poetry in money, either." Robert Graves, English Poet (1895-1985).

From Plato to Paul Engle, poetry is a time honored tradition that stretches back centuries, reflecting a mixture of emotions from sadness to friendship, romance to rage. Taken from the Greek word poiesis, meaning "making," poetry has a way of evoking memories, stirring emotions and making the listener take notice of each and every word.

In this theme we bring together a collection of poetry-related resources that can be used with your ActivClassroom, enabling you to create your own poetry, or simply follow other great poets.

Poetry Flipcharts

Why not browse through this list of poetry related flipcharts that have already been prepared by other teachers to see what you can use in your ActivClassroom?

Poetry Resource Packs

We've collated this list of resource packs that could be used with your poetry related lessons to bring added color and understanding to your class.

Poetry Weblinks

Have a look through this list of poetry-related weblinks that you can link to from your flipchart pages and use with your students.

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