Traditional paella in a city fair in Pamplona Spanish

Welcome to our latest theme where we explore the many possibilities available to teach Spanish with the Activboard.

In this theme you can download resources for some practical ideas on using the tools within your software to help you with Spanish vocabulary. You can also view a selection of Spanish flipcharts created by other teachers from the Planet community, to see what lessons they've been preparing in their Activclassroom.

Finally, why not view the videos we've prepared, both in Spanish and English? These enlightening videos discuss how to apply practical application of the software to your lessons, using functions such as the sound recorder and action objects.

Spanish Flipcharts

Why not have a look through this list of Spanish flipcharts and see what other teachers have submitted? We've compiled a selection of flipcharts covering everything from food to tourism.

Spanish Resource Packs

These resource packs all contain a selection of images relating to various Spanish themes, from paella to Spanish verbs. Why not use these images to bring a visual understanding to your Activlessons?

Spanish Weblinks

There are many great third-party websites out there that you could use to reference material within your flipchart. This small selection will get you started with surfing the web for extra material, facts and figures.

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