Political Science Political Science

Wherever you live in the world, your life, and the lives of your students, will be affected in some way by governments of various countries around the globe.

In this theme, we concentrate on the US political system, and have included lessons on the election process, branches of government, the Constitution and lots more!

In addition, you'll find resource packs with great images and page templates for conducting election and other activities in your ActivClassroom.

Round these out with a full set of weblinks for research or direct use with the ActivBoard, as well as some valuable lesson creation tips, and you're ready to talk politics with your students!

Political Science Flipcharts

Download lessons on the US Constitution, branches of government, laws, the election process and much more!

Political Science Resource Packs

Create exciting lessons with these great resource packs, including the Washington, DC Resource Pack!

Political Science Weblinks

With these sites, students can play election games, create the American budget, and interact with the Declaration of Independence!

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