Shakespeare Flipcharts

The flipcharts in this theme cover a wide range of Shakespeare's works, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, The Tempest, Hamlet, and Midsummer Night's Dream. You'll also find a lesson about the life and times of Shakespeare.

If you’ve already created your own flipcharts, please do share and we’ll add them for others to use!

  • The aim of this resource is to help your students recognise the main characters from The Tempest and understand the main relationships between each other. Each initial page contains bite-sized facts on the character - there are also opportunities for assessment at the end of the flipchart. more

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  • This Manga Shakespeare version of Julius Caesar is designed to be your class' first introduction to studying Julius Caesar. The flipchart shows Caesar's arrival, with Brutus and Cassius discussing their feelings about Caesar's ruling popularity. more

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  • This flipchart was produced for Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils to learn about the story of Macbeth and his fellow characters. It uses the main functions of the software from drag and drop to layering. more

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  • This flipchart has a narrow focus on the conspirators against Julius Caesar and provides a useful starting point to build students' confidence by helping them to easily recognise characters, and better understand their relationship to one another and within the context of the play. more

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  • The aim of this resource is to help students understand the plot of The Tempest and in particular, Prospero's role in controlling the destiny of the other characters. The flipchart is best used with class copies of The Tempest Manga Shakespeare book. more

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Shakespeare Resource Packs

Use the images, backgrounds and text elements in these resource packs to help you build your own dynamic lessons!

Shakespeare Weblinks

Consult this selection of weblinks for interactive activities for use in your Activclassroom, or to help you research Shakespeare-related topics.

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