Download Activstudio & Activprimary Software

Versions Available For Download:

  • ActivStudio V3.7.17 for Windows
  • ActivPrimary V3.7.17 for Windows
  • ActivStudio V3.6.117 for Macintosh
  • ActivPrimary V3.6.117 for Macintosh

This software can only be downloaded by existing users of the software.
Version 3 is a separate application, so once it is installed it will run alongside your previous version of the software, allowing you to migrate to the updated software in your own time.

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PDF fileActivStudio Version 3 for Windows: Features
PDF fileActivPrimary Version 3 for Windows: Features

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PDF fileActivStudio Version 3 for Mac: Features
PDF fileActivPrimary Version 3 for Mac: Features

How to download the software

Please enter a valid serial number for your existing version of ActivStudio or ActivPrimary software at the bottom of this page.

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  • ActivStudio - You will find your serial number by accessing your existing version of ActivStudio>Help>About ActivStudio. Your license number will appear on the right hand side in the ‘Licensed to’ information
  • ActivPrimary - You will find your serial number by accessing your existing version of ActivPrimary>Menu>About ActivPrimary. Your license number will appear on the right hand side in the ‘Licensed to’ information
  • Alternatively, the serial number can be found on the inside of the software case. If you cannot locate your original serial number, please contact Support who will be able to assist you.
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  • Mac users will need to refer to their original CD case for their serial number as the serial number cannot be found through the Help menu.
  • MAC users who have lost their original serial  number will need to download and run this script.  This will display a window showing the version number of any installed ActivStudio and ActivPrimary software.  This script is for MAC users only.

Important information about Software Support

Promethean constantly strives to provide its customers with the best possible products to support the challenges they encounter in today’s educational arena.

A key component of this process is the withdrawal of older products that no longer meet customer requirements.

Promethean would therefore like to inform you that from the end of September 2010 they will therefore no longer be providing support for versions 1 and 2 of ActivStudio and ActivPrimary software.

In the longer term support for version 3 of ActivStudio and ActivPrimary software will be withdrawn in September 2011.

Promethean however would like to announce that customers can upgrade to its award-winning ActivInspire software free of charge before the end of September 2011.

ActivInspire provides users with a range of benefits not currently available within ActivStudio and ActivPrimary:

  • ActivInspire is the ‘power behind the ActivClassroom and unlocks Prometheans entire range of hardware products, enabling greater pupil interaction.
  • Available in 30 languages,
  • Enables all existing premium and free educational content to be utilised.
  • Offers the opportunity for users to utilise the vast array of Publisher Created Resource e.g. flipcharts. Within ActivInspire the number of Publisher Created Resources is significantly greater than those available with ActivStudio or ActivPrimary.  

Find out more information about ActivInspire and download ActivInspire.

Once we have validated your serial number, you will be asked to submit some brief details about yourself. Following completion of this form, your request will be acknowledged and you will receive an email notification containing a link to a unique download page created for you. Access to this page will be limited to 7 days, so please ensure you have time to complete the download.

Downloading the software from the internet

We recommend that you contact your school or district staff before attempting to download any software. Due to file sizes totaling in excess of 600 MB, made up of installation, help, documentation and resource files, we recommend you download the software using a broadband connection.

Minimum Installation Requirements:

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  • Windows 2000/XP Professional or Home Edition, Windows Vista Home
  • 1500 MB free hard disk space
  • User with administrator access rights
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  • OS X 10.3.9-10.5.7
  • 1Gb free hard disk space
  • User with administrator access rights

Get Flash Player In order to take advantage of the Flash activities included in Version 3 software, it is recommended you upgrade your Flash Player to Version 8.0 or above.

Ordering a copy of the software CD version

If you prefer to receive an application CD rather than downloading the software, please complete this form. CD's are available for ActivStudio v3 and ActivPrimary v3 for Windows and Mac.

If you do not have ActivStudio or ActivPrimary software, but are interested in finding out more, please complete this sales contact form and a Promethean representative will contact you.

Please enter your 16 or 20 digit ActivStudio or ActivPrimary serial number.

Please login to enter your serial numberPlease login to enter your serial number

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