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Marzano Learning Goals Resource Pack

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This resource pack, developed in partnership with Marzano Research Laboratory, contains 20 flipchart page templates that support the first of many key principals from Dr. Robert Marzano's book, "The Art and Science of Teaching."

The first design question addresses creating learning goals that are clear and focused; communicating those learning goals in such a way that students understand them and can see classroom activities as a means to accomplishing specific learning goals; tracking student progress on learning goals using formatively - based assessments and then celebrating both knowledge gain and status at the end of a unit of instruction.
“What will I do to establish learning goals, track progress and celebrate success?”
The ActivClassroom and the ActivBoard itself provide an engaging, flexible backdrop for any type of lesson format, including presentations, demonstrations, simulations, questions, media, etc. Because the teacher can design the backdrop, the learning goal can be integrated into the design and bought to the forefront in a variety of ways.
These simple approaches to using the ActivClassroom tools to communicate and highlight learning goals might, on their face, seem simplistic. However, given the research that indicates the effect on student achievement when students are working toward clear learning goals, the potential of these techniques to enhance learning becomes evident.
Download this Resource Pack to help you to establish and communicate learning goals in your lessons.
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Resource Pack Information

Resource Pack Title:
Marzano Learning Goals Resource Pack
Subject Area:
(multiple subject areas)
(multiple grade levels)
Submission Date:
30 Mar 2009
Marzano Research Laboratory
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