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Flippy and Flippette Resource Pack

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This Resource Pack was developed based on a great idea posted in the forum under the topic of "FlipPals anyone?" You will find cute Flippy and Flippette characters, plus, accessories and sample pages, for help in preparing 'Traveling Flipcharts'.

Collection includes:

  • 19 versions of Flippy and Flippette
  • 12 accessories to choose from like hats and speech bubbles
  • 16 example pages with wonderful backgrounds that you can re-use for other lessons as well

This resource pack will install in Shared Collections/General/Flippy

More Ideas to think about (from the forum)


The idea is that teachers could find others through the forum in order to share flipcharts.  Each participating class would prepare a flipchart and send it to the other class.  This could happen around the world!!!

These two classes could become "FlipPals!"

The Amazing Adventures of Flippy the Flipchart

Alternatively, a flipchart can be started and others can add to it like a "Traveling Flipchart."

Sample Learning Goals

Several goals could be met by this type of activity: writing for an authentic audience, motivating research about community on many levels, and (of course) integrating technology in meaningful ways.

Some ideas of guidelines for creating this type of flipchart include:

  1. Flippy (or Flippette) will be with you for a period of time to experience life in your part of the world. A schedule will be sent before Flippy departs on his travels so you will know when to expect him.
  2.  During his/her stay, you will add on to his flipchart a few pages (about 5-6) about his experience. Think of it like a scrapbook!
  3. These pages may include:
    • Tell us about your school/class
    • Tell about your town or local area
    • What's the weather like?
    • What is the landscape? (mountainous, flat, an island? etc
    • What are some things to do/see in your area? (Does Flippy visit certain places?)
    • There should be a world map already on his flipchart, so you will need to mark your spot on the map.

How you present this information is up to you and your class.

You may include pictures, maps, videos...be creative!

 At the end of Flippy's adventures, we'll have a flipchart of wondrous places to learn about!


Resource Pack Information

Resource Pack Title:
Flippy and Flippette Resource Pack
Subject Area:
(multiple subject areas)
Age 5-7/KS1/P1-3, Age 7-11/KS2/P4-7, Age 11-14/KS3/S1-2
Submission Date:
11 Jul 2008
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