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Layers and Groups Resource Pack

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This resource pack includes 15 sample activities and ideas that allow you to use Activstudio and Activprimary's ability to layer and group objects. You can use them to make interesting activities for your students. Most of the ideas came from forum contributors. Thank you!!!

Each example may include a completed page with page notes, a background, as well as individual objects - sometimes grouped - that were used to develop the sample page. Many of the sample pages include extensive notes.

The examples include:

  1. Butterflies in the Grass
  2. Changing Chalkboard
  3. Clues to the Secret Word
  4. Colored Text in Frame
  5. Early Bird
  6. Farmer and Buckets
  7. Items in a Cage
  8. Kangaroo in the Outback
  9. Rabbits in the Hat
  10. Rainbow Drawing
  11. Stuff in a Trunk
  12. Suitcase
  13. Things to Pull
  14. Window Blinds
  15. Words behind Globe

Examples of Page Notes:  (just a selection!)

Butterflies in the Grass

On this page, you will find many components:

  • A background
  • A "workspace"
  • Grass Butterflies grouped with words
  • Directions for students at the bottom

The grass is actually a group of many images of grass. It is on the middle layer and "locked" so it cannot be moved.

Each butterfly with its text is also grouped. However, the butterfly is on the top layer and the text is on the bottom layer so that the text is hidden by the grass and the butterfly is not. The student can drag the butterfly out of the grass and reveal the hidden word. Then they can arrange the words into a sentence in the workspace above.

Changing Chalkboard

There is no background on this page. You will find that there is:

  • A chalkboard
  • 5 text objects four of which are behind the chalkboard
  • 4 "mini" boards labeled A,B,C, and D with actions to bring to front a particular text from the remaining four
  • A reset button to reset the page so that the directions text comes back to the top

You should likely go in design mode to edit the texts as you need but be sure to layer them again as was originally set. Don't forget to save. Once you do, you can use the reset button to reset the page back to last saved status. You may want to use the little mini-boards for future Activote sessions as they are great for voting as well!

Clues to the Secret Word

Have the students click on the letters in order starting with A. Each letter will reveal a new clue to the answer. F is the answer. There are actually 7 text fields on the chalkboard, all in the middle layer. The buttons on the left have been given the action to move "Clue X" to "top" (of the middle layer). Once you save and have students make changes, you can use the reset button to reset your text fields back to the original layers.

Early Bird

This page uses layers as well as actions. The sample includes a background plus a bush/grass combo that hide the answer. The answer is a group of a bush with the objects, in this case a worm. Text was added on top for the choices. The bush has the action to bring the other bush to front. The students can vote for their answer or simply click on the bush to see what is behind it. The bush has the action to bring the other bush to front.

Farmer and Buckets

This page uses layers and actions. There is a background as well as decorative images and directions. Each bucket is two parts, the bucket itself plus the "front" of the bucket. There are objects hidden behind each bucket. If a student clicks on the inside of the bucket, it launches an action to show the object. You can also use these buckets to make activities where students could drag things out of the bucket or to put things into a bucket. To do so, make sure you put the front of the bucket on the top layer and the back of the bucket on the bottom layer and the objects in the middle layer. You should lock the top and bottom layered objects so they cannot move.

Resource Pack Information

Resource Pack Title:
Layers and Groups Resource Pack
Subject Area:
Submission Date:
20 May 2008
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