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Hiding Things Resource Pack

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This resource pack contains many objects that you may want to use to "hide" other things in your flipchart. They have been set with the action "hide object" so that when the students click on the object, the object will disappear, revealing what is underneath.

They are also set to be on the “top” layer so you can easily put new text or graphics behind them on the middle layer!

In addition to providing the objects themselves, you will find that they are organized in theme-related folders with backgrounds and even completed sample pages that use these objects.

Important: Remember to turn off actions if you want to move the objects around or edit their properties. (Or go in Design Mode!)

 The "themes" in this resource pack include:

  • Bushes in the Yard
  • Cabinets in Room
  • Castle with Three Doors
  • Front Doors
  • Game Show Doors
  • Houses on Street
  • Misc Objects to Hide
  • Photo Album
  • Pyramid Game
  • Question Text Boxes
  • Shiny Yellow Stars
  • Stage Curtains
  • Treasure Chest

This resource pack will install in Shared_Collections/Lesson_Building_Tools/Hiding_Things.

Resource Pack Information

Resource Pack Title:
Hiding Things Resource Pack
Subject Area:
Submission Date:
01 Mar 2008
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