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Decisions, Decisions

Grade/Age: Age 10-16/Grade 5-10
Subject(s): English/Language Arts, History/Social Studies
Published by: Tom Snyder

Immerse your students in the social studies curriculum through lively classroom debate!

Through role-playing simulations, your students will be able to learn and apply the lessons of history. Decisions, Decisions examines fundamental historical and social studies events and ideas, including the crafting of the U.S. Constitution; the expansion of ancient empires; the building of democracy in developing nations; New World colonization; sustaining the environment; handling peer pressure; and more.

Employing an authentic 5-step decision-making model (based on one used by national policymakers today), your students will be able to gather and analyze information, use examples from history to assess options, evaluate possible outcomes, and make decisions.

International Suitability

Decisions, Decisions is designed to meet the US state standards and curriculum, it may not be suitable for international curriculum.

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